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Flash Movie Player

ОСWindows 95/98/W2K/XP
Ссылка на сайт разработчикаhttp://www.eolsoft.com/
ИнформацияВ новой версии:
o Sound volume control and Mute command added
o Added \"Installed Flash Information\" command.
o Now Flash Movie Player can serve as screen saver. You can define flash animations that you want to view when screen saver is launched, and Flash Movie Player will do the job. (Use \"File\"-\"Set as screen saver\" command.)
o Small changes in the drag-and-drop behaviour. If files dropped into the playlist area, they will be added to the existing playlist. If files dropped into the main player area, the current playlist will be cleared.
o New command line switch added: \"/autoclose\". If specified, player will be ended the Flash animation(s) has completed.
o Other minor changes and bugfixes
Размер файла435 Кб
Дата релиза07/01/2007
Ссылка на скачивание #1FTP 3DNews
Flash Movie Player

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